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Some of our speakers

Wayne Chapman, CTF Solutions and Wanaringa Farm, Taroom, Queensland, Australia

Wayne Chapman 

12 things not to do

  1. Do not measure the machines. You can always trust specifications in brochures.
  2. Go ahead with no plan. The best way to learn is first to fail a few times.
  3. Do not listen to recommendations on working width and track gauge. You know better, and you will never need backup machinery.
  4. Buy the largest tractor you can find. Your neighbors should not think that you cannot afford it.

These and eight others things NOT to do will be presented by Wayne Chapman. 

Drill Wanaringe Farm, Photo: Wayne Chapman15 years ago Wayne Chapman introduced a 9 m CTF system at his 1,700 ha Wanaringa farm. Wayne is also a partner in the company CTF Solutions that teaches and gives advice on the establishment of CTF systems. 

Jan Jönsson, Lydinge Farm, Skåne, Sweden 

700 ha are farmed at Lydinge Farm situated 20 km east of Helsingborg. A fully mulch tillage system was employed in 2001 and from 2006 all operation are made in a 8 m CTF system. Next step at Lydinge is a change to 12 m CTF with increased used of direct drilling

Works so well it can hardly be true

Farm description, photos and videos can be found at: http://ctfeurope.com/2012/lydinge

Horsch CO8 drill at Lydinge Farm

Tadeusz Niesiobędzki, Rolman Farms, Polen

The farms cover 750 ha of land in the Warmińsko- Mazurskie-province in north east Poland. Soils are undulating and variable with mainly sand and sandy-clay. Tramlines only are strictly used at all operations. The aims with the CTF introduction were:

  • Increased profits due to lower costs of cultivation and fuel consumption
  • Faster crop establishment
  • Savings in machinery working time.

It was estimated that reduction of the tracked area from 72% to 15% will likely lead to increase in average yields by 14%. From the two years of CTF operations, expectations are that yields may increase even more.

Farm description, photos and videos can be found at: http://ctfeurope.com/2015/rolmanfarms 

UK: Tim Chamen
+44 7714 206 048

Netherlands: Sander Bernaerts

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