CTF Europe

Controlled Traffic Farming across Europe

Improved environmental conditions are brought about by:

  1. Improved fertilizer use efficiency. Research from around the world has shown that the uptake of fertiliser is improved by around 15%.
  2. Potential to retain more organic matter and soil living organisms. A soil that is little damaged by wheels or tracks tends to need little in the way of cultivation, and it is these activities which are most likely to oxidise more organic matter and kill soil living animals.
  3. Improved gaseous exchange. Better soil structure means that conditions will be more favourable for gases that are absorbed into the soil (e.g. methane) and to prevent harmful gases being produced through anaerobic condtions, such as nitrous oxide and methane, both of which are particularly damaging to the environment.
  4. Improved water storage. The greater number and larger size of pores in a non-trafficked soil means that more water infiltrates and is captured within the profile. This means that not only is there less potential for run-off and erosion but also that there will be more plant available water.

UK: Tim Chamen
+44 7714 206 048

Netherlands: Sander Bernaerts

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